Adventures in Dining and Shopping in Big Bear Lake's The Village

Adventures in Dining and Shopping in Big Bear Lake's The Village

Having a vacation means having a lot of fun, doing activities out of the ordinary, visiting new places and meeting new people, discovering new cultures and witnessing different traditions, sampling local cuisine and doing plenty of shopping. At Big Bear Lake you can do all that, as the bustling community in Big Bear wants to ensure that each and every visitor has a great time and that they will come back for more fun and adventure year after year.

Big Bear Lake's shopping district, The Village, has its own unique charm, with its architecture that's alpine-styled combined with amenities for the modern man. It is the main entertainment, dining and shopping hub of the city. Improvements continue to be made to make sure that people visiting Big Bear Lake is comfortable particularly during winter. It has heated sidewalks, for one thing. Decorative lighting and signage have been installed and the landscaping has been greatly improved. There are also outdoor fire pits to keep people warm as well as seat walls.


You definitely should set aside some of your precious vacation time to go to The Village at Big Bear Lake. There are some pretty quaint clothing shops there, as well as gift stores and specialty stores with items that would be very difficult to find anywhere else. There could even be some stuff that you have been wanting for yourself, aside from wonderful souvenir and gift items you could buy now and give to someone later.

Many of the items sold have a mountain theme, including the colorful history of Big Bear Lake. You can find elaborate and intricate art pieces and d├ęcor items that you could only see in select shops in Europe and probably in some New York specialty shops. Clothing lines available in the trendy boutiques will delight fashionistas. You'll also discover that the shops at The Village are great for seasonal shopping, so you can find beautifully crafted down jackets and snow boots for winter, colorful and fashionable swimwear and T-shirts for summer, coats and clothes with autumn prints and the latest styles to jumpstart spring. The art galleries at The Village have artworks that accurately captures the beauty of Big Bear's ever-changing scenic and impressive environment.

Dining options at The Village

Adding to the fun of visiting The Village is the number of restaurants, coffee shops, candy stores, pubs and ice cream parlors. You will never go hungry while at The Village for shopping and entertainment. Restaurants and eateries feature home-style and gourmet cooking, and cater to people (mostly) with big appetites (which may be due to the mountain air) and different tastes. You can have steaks, seafood, Italian, French, Mexican, American, continental and exotic cuisine, such as those from the Himalayas and the Far East, most of them complementing the select wines from California's Napa Valley and Sonoma.

Most restaurants have their own specialties so you will not run out of ideas if you want to dine out for lunch or dinner. It would even be considered wise to make visitors aware that restaurants and snack shops in The Village are known to serve generous portions. Most food outlets offer take-outs and they also do deliveries, if you feel too lazy to leave your comfortable cabin. If you feel fanciful, you can even hire a gourmet chef to cook for you in the comfort of your temporary abode.

The Big Bear Lake Brewing Company serves craft-brewed beer.

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You're on vacation and want to enjoy the time not worrying about anything other than your creature comforts. And speaking of comfort, what's more comfortable than staying in a cozy and warm cottage amid friendly neighbors, in a place dappled with sunlight and cooling pine-scented breeze within a grove of tall pine trees? The cabin rentals of Cabins4Less are fully equipped with modern conveniences, while looking like old wood cabins back during pioneer times. You can cook, eat and have warm baths or have a BBQ campground style on your own patio. The setting is perfect, just what a relaxing and recharging vacation should be! The staff are all friendly and attentive, but will leave you to your own devices and the complex is one of the most pet-friendly you will find around Big Bear, so there's no need to leave your pets behind.

Have a blast at Big Bear, where Cabins4Less is conveniently located at the center of it all. It's just a few minutes' walk from your cabin to all kinds of big Bear adventure. Shop 'til you drop, as the saying goes or dine out with family or friends, as Big Bear Village has a delightful assortment of quaint and trendy shops and several restaurants. Then head back to your homey cabin to put your feet up after a frenetic day, chill out with a warm or refreshing drink, feel the peace and pleasant ambience soothe you and snuggle down the comfortable bed and rest your head on a soft pillow and just let the night sounds gently soothe you to a deep slumber.

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