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Cabins4Less: Easy on the eyes. Easy on the pocket! It's everybody's favorite cabin rentals this side of Southern California.

Planning a grand vacation involves money and in some cases plenty of it. Just imagine having a vacation closer to home, where you can have all the fun and excitement whatever the season, stay in surroundings that are very ideal for a fun yet quiet R&R and save more at the same time. Curious? That's what you get when you go to Big Bear Lake and stay at Cabins4Less.

Cabins4Less, just like what the name says, provides cabins for rent in four ideal locations around Big Bear Mountain, just a few minutes away from all the fun things to see and do at Big Bear. What's the catch? Cabins4Less provides cabin rentals starting at $79 dollars. There are 32 free standing cabins that could sleep from 2 to 5 and more persons, some of these equipped with Jacuzzis and ideal for couples and honeymooners. The lakefront cabins are to die for, with all the standard amenities you could ask for from regular hotels, without paying extra for the fantabulous views of the beautiful serene lake. Regular rates at Cabins4Less range from less than $100 to about $400, which is definitely less than if you book into a hotel or opt to rent a house for the duration of your stay.

Vacationing in Southern California is not cheap, as it's the place where there's plenty of money, being the area where several counties, including Los Angeles, Orange, Bakersfield, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and San Diego are located. It is quite close to Las Vegas as well. This makes Cabins4Less such a great find.

Cabins4Less has more to offer

Cabins4Less Big Bear

When you stay at a hotel, there is a premium for rooms with a great view. While the room might be cozy and includes some freebies, it does not feel like a home-away-from home. Compare it to staying at Cabins4Less, where the cabin rentals are very close to where the action is. In just a few minutes, even on foot, you'll be at the center of Big Bear Lake activities. The cabins are rustic, homey, cozy, ample-sized, very clean and very affordable. The owners are mighty proud of the fact that they not only can offer very affordable cabin rental rates but also cabins complemented with modern amenities. The cabins have WiFi connection, DVD players and an assortment of movies for your viewing pleasure.

All the cabins of Cabins4Less have fireplaces, to keep you toasty warm in winter and comfortable when the temperature outside is chilly. Modern bathroom facilities are installed as well. All the cabins have kitchens so you can cook your own food anytime you like, with a full complement of pots, pans, cutlery and dinnerware. An oven, stove and refrigerator are also installed in all cabins. Beds, futons and comfortable sofas and chairs are available. Fancy a barbecue? Right at your backdoor is a barbecue set-up, with picnic tables so you can enjoy an outdoor cooking experience, campground style.

Each Cabins4Less location is in a wooded area, so the cabins, although old and truly rustic are shaded from the wind, rain and sun. What's more, it's very pet-friendly so you do not have to leave your beloved pets behind.

Freebies galore

Cabins4Less Perks

It is very seldom that you will find a vacation rental where less is more. You pay less for the cabin of your choice yet you get more than what you paid for. All the staff at Cabins4Less are very helpful and knowledgeable, yet unobtrusive and will generally leave you to your own devices until you require their assistance. While the cabin rental rates are already very affordable, there are promotions such as blowout packages going on all the time, so you have several chances of getting a real good bargain.

Where else can you get free hiking guides, free fishing poles, free sleds, discounted rates on bike and kayak rentals ($2 for bikes, $5 for kayaks)?

Feel what a real vacation is like

Why do plan a vacation? Isn't it for you to relax and recharge and do something out of the ordinary? But oftentimes, you get more stressed than relaxed when you go on vacation. There are so many things that contribute to stress. The traffic, the room might not be to your liking; the food, the service, the rate, the view, the amenities or the activities you planned to see and do but not enough time to do them.

Your objective is to relax. And that's what you will be able to do much of when you check in at Cabins4Less. Each cabin stands alone, so you are like in your own home. You will have neighbors but since the management emphasizes that people should not create too much noise to disturb other guests, you can relax, snooze or simply laze about with ease and comfort. You can cook your own food, chat with willing neighbors, walk around the complex, play with your pet, walk to the center of Big Bear and dine, shop, hike or participate in activities that you like. In short, just let your hair down and forget about theoutside world. You can still keep in touch, with Internet access, TV or your mobile phone, if you must. Cabins4Less Big Bear Otherwise, turn off your cell phone for the major part of the day and just allow the calming atmosphere to soothe you. The crisp mountain breeze is aromatic with the scent of pine, which truly refreshes. The cabins are underneath the canopy of tall pines, their branches allowing the sun to peek through yet shelter you. On clear nights you'd be able to stargaze, something that is difficult to do when you are in the city that's covered in thick smog.

Create long-lasting friendships, fond memories that will last a lifetime and experience a bit of "roughing it" adventure. Stay at Cabins4Less and have the time of your life. Experience or relive the time when life is much simpler, in a place that allows you to fully relax and recharge, in a setting where peace and quiet is at a premium and where family bonding is a priority.

Cabins4Less main office is at 39236 Big Bear Blvd., Big Bear Lake, California 92315. You can call its toll-free number (800) 651-4537 or (909) 866-3105 for reservations.


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