The Fish are Biting…So to Big Bear Lake We're A-Comin'

The Fish are Biting…So to Big Bear Lake We're A-Comin'

Rainbow trout. Bass. Catfish. Crappie. Bluegill. These are just some of the game fish in abundant supply at the fresh-water, snow-fed and pristine Big Bear Lake. The lake is one of Southern California's top-rated fishing locations and from early reports, this is going to be another season where freshwater anglers of every type and description with fully enjoy the quality of the fish in the waters of the City of Big Bear Lake.

It does not matter if you are a skilled or a novice fisherman, everybody is welcome to visit Big Bear Lake to test your skills (and luck) in catching fish. There are also a variety of other activities you could enjoy, should you get tired of fishing, well, at least for part of the time. You do not even have to drive very far if you are in Southern California. What's more, the alpine temperature at Big Bear rarely go beyond 26 °C or about 80 °F.

Fishing locations

At Big Bear, it is already a tradition to catch fish with the family. Leave it to your rod and reel as just about any kind of bait is attractive to the variety of fish in the lake and it is almost impossible to come home empty-handed. You could even make a game of who will be able to catch the most number of fish – they're that abundant and willing to be caught.

Of course, the fish biting your bait will not come out without a bit of a fight but this is what fishing is all about! The most popular among the fish found in Big Bear is rainbow trout. The depth of the water in the lake allows this species to thrive. The best ways to catch rainbow trout is by rigging and by trolling in deeper waters, and the best part of the lake for most of the fishing action is at its west end.

During the summer, largemouth bass also provides plenty of action for anglers. They spawn mid-summer and become very hungry afterwards and will bite anything thrown their way, with Grout Bay and Eagle Point as some of the favorite and popular spots for catching bass. You can use Luhr Jensen Mini Speed Traps and Rapala Husky Jerks as crank baits or even plastics with Texas or Carolina style rigs near weed beds, rocks and in areas close to the docks.

Use stink baits, chicken livers, shrimp or mackerel if you want to catch plenty of catfish, which are plentiful and always on the prowl day and night looking for a good meal. Get plenty of action for catfish fishing at the East Boat Public Launch Ramp and at the east end of the lake. For sure you'll have plenty of catfish to throw onto the grill or camp fire for lunch or dinner.

Fishing is not only for the experienced anglers. Even children will have a great time catching a variety of panfish such as crappie, pumpkinseed and bluegill. Get them excited and experience the joy of fishing at Big Bear's south shore this summer.

Boat rentals

For the more serious fishermen looking for adventure and action in bottom fishing, trolling and slip bobber fishing, Big Bear has several boat rentals and fishing supply shops that also conduct fishing tours. There are six marinas offering pontoon and fishing boats and fishing gear rentals. You can purchase your lake permits, tackles, baits and fishing licenses from the marinas, as well. Downriggers and trollers will benefit highly from the in-depth fishing experience of the local licensed fishing guides. Fishing charter services are also available.

In some of the marinas, you can also rent jet skis, kayaks and canoes and have a great time in the water with waterski and wakeboard rides. All facilities that provide fishing adventures in Big Bear all endeavor to give fishing and water adventure enthusiasts of all ages the best possible ways to have a memorable summer vacation at Big Bear.

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