W(h)etting your Taste for Fun Under the Sun

W(h)etting your Taste for Fun Under the Sun

When it comes to fun, summertime offers loads of it. There are plenty of outdoor activities that you can do while the sun warms you back, a cooling breeze caresses your skin and the sunshine gives you an overall healthy glow.

After the frigid winter weather and the coolness of spring that kept many people indoors, summer brings you outdoors, and what's more fun to do during summer than be close to the water – in it, over it, around it, or soaring above it. Whet your appetite for water-based thrills and exhilarating fun at Big Bear Lake.

Speaking of fun, here are some of the things you can do at Big Bear Lake: sailing, fishing, pontoon boating, power boating, paddle boating and the more physically demanding water sports – jet skiing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, sailboarding, wakeskating, tubing and windsurfing. Fancy quiet moments in the water? You can also go kayaking or canoeing. There's plenty of marinas at Big Bear Lake where you can rent boats and equipment for your type of water activity and these are conveniently located along the 23 miles of the lake's shoreline.

Boating and sailing on Big Bear Lake

One of the most popular summer activities at Big Bear is boating and you will definitely see all kinds of boats out on the pristine waters of the lake during the season. Going out on a boat gives you a different perspective of Big Bear. You get to see lakefront homes when you go on a cruise and discover a series of inlets and coves around Garstin Island (China Island). This privately-owned island has several Chinese-styled huts built on granite boulders. The area around China Island is very popular among visitors and boating families as they are allowed to beach their boats there and have a picnic or a swim. Closer to the dam are a number of public buoys.

Big Bear Lake is centrally located right where the action is. From May until October, the mountain resort is a hive of summer activities as various types of boaters try to pack in as much summer fun as they can before fall and winter set in. You'll see several anglers out on a boat trying their luck on catching largemouth bass and rainbow trout.

For people who simply love the idea of going out on the lake on a boat with more flash, speed and drive, there are high-powered motor boats for rent. Of course, for most, rather than just be on the boat, there's more fun to experience when they go wakeboarding or waterskiing behind the boat. For a different kind of good time, you can just tow your companions as they hold on to inner tubes and race up. If you want more thrill, zip around Big Bear Lake or ride the rolling waves aboard jet skis.

Mountain breezes constantly blow into Big Bear Lake, providing enough gust to move sailboards, windsurfers and Hobie Cats for a perfect freshwater sailing this side of California.

There are also plenty of wonderful inlets, bays and coves that you can discover in areas where bigger boats cannot venture into but could easily be reached by smaller vessels such as stand-up paddleboards, canoes or kayaks.

If you do not want to do the steering yourself in a rented watercraft but still feel the need to go out in the lake to enjoy the view, feel the breeze envelop and cool you and have great fun on board as well, what's greater than taking a boat tour? There are three major guided boat tour operators at Big Bear Lake. The Big Bear Queen has three 90-minute runs daily starting at 12 noon. At the height of summer, Big Bear Queen also offers a sunset cruise.

You might want to learn the history of Big Bear Lake while having a cruise. Learn it from the captain of Miss Liberty, a large replica of the paddle wheel style boats that used to run along the Mississippi River. The ship's captain will also give you insights on several celebrity lakefront homes as you cruise along.

For a family with children in tow, there's more thrilling times ahead aboard a replica of an authentic pirate ship. The Time Bandit offers a 90-minute boat tour and there could be some surprises as the ship is known to fire its authentic cannons, which could be quite loud. You can even rent it for a minimum of two hours if you want to have your or your child's birthday party on board.

Stay at Cabins4Less

After spending hours in the water and under the sun, cool down at Cabins4Less, which is just a few short minutes from Big Bear Lake and other attractions at Big Bear. Experience staying inside cozy and homey cabins, your home away from home, whether you stay for a few days or a few weeks. The rustic cabins are built amid clusters of tall, woody evergreens, giving you plenty of shade when the day is hot or when you are having a BBQ in your own patio, which has a set of picnic tables and chairs. Even your pets will give two-thumbs, ooops, two-paws up rather, as Cabins4Less is the most pet-friendly cabin rental you can find around Big Bear Lake. This means you do not have to leave your family pets at home. They too can share in your summer fun.

Expect a lot of family bonding at Cabins4Less, where you can cook your own food, maybe the fish that you caught in the lake. After all, there's an abundance of bass, trout, crappie, sunfish, blue gill and catfish at Big Bear Lake. Of course, catching fish depends on the type of fisherman you are, your skills and your luck! Cabins4Less offers free use of fishing poles, just to get you started.

Have a picnic and a cookout, campground style, right there on your own little yard. What's more, you do not have to cook everything at once, as all the cabin rentals of Cabins4Less are equipped with large refrigerators and have a big complement of pans and pots, dinnerware and silverware as well as oven and stove. The friendly staff of Cabins4Less are ready to assist you for other things you need.

Pssst, here's a secret. Legend has it that during the 1920s and 1930s, movie stars have stayed in these very cabins, which used to belong to the old Camp Hollywood. You might be able to find some memorabilia, who knows.

Book your summer vacation early and select the best cabin for your family at Cabins4Less.

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